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Frequently Asked Questions


What are your office hours?

Monday - Friday 8 am to 5 pm

Saturday 8 am to Noon

If someone is not in the office, please call (573)259-1667 or (573) 259-4244. 


How can I get an estimate? 
We will provide a free estimate if you are located within the area. Please call (573)259-1667 or (573)259-4244 to schedule. 


Can you custom mix fertilizer? 

Yes, we can provide a custom mix. Give us a call at (573)259-1667 or (573)259-4244 to discuss options.


Do you sell feed? 

Yes, we sell a variety of feeds for livestock. We carry Purina feed and feed from a family-owned and ran business located in Pocahontas, MO called Bowman Milling. We offer 50 lb sacks and bulk feed options. Call us at (573)259-1667 or (573)259-4244 to discuss pricing and details.  

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